Beating Procrastination, Getting Things Done…

I often find myself struggling to get things done. I know what to do and I’ll even make a mental schedule of when and how to do it. It’s just the ‘doing’ part which gets postponed till eternity. But the solution to this is so simple and trivial; it makes you feel stupid for not having noticed it earlier. I had a number of tasks set out for me which were due for a few days, and would not be done for another few days had I continued in the same manner. And then I learnt the best way to make oneself do something is to write it down. Yes it really was that simple. Try it out if you don’t believe me. Write down the tasks on a white board or a large piece of paper and put it up somewhere clearly visible. If you’ve written the tasks on a whiteboard, don’t’ erase them once you’re done; instead just strike them out so you can see what you have achieved. I speak as I’ve proudly completed 2 of the 5 tasks I set out for myself in half a day today; normally I would’ve probably waited another 2-3 days before finally giving in.

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