Gaming is serious business at GAMES12

Aah to be young and in the middle of a bossfight again!


Step into GAMES12 and you would be forgiven for believing you’re in a world far more magical than one Walt Disney himself could ever create – well at least so if you had the slightest interest in video games. The largest video game festival in the region was held on the weekend gone by at DFC in Dubai, and has attracted crowds from all over the GCC. Jointly organized by Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation Division, Red Entertainment Distribution, and Pluto Games (collectively called Gaming Alliance Middle East – GAME. Geddit?) is in its 5th year running and has quickly become the highlight event for the gaming community.

Leading publishers such as Activision and EA Sports held hands-on previews for their highly anticipated titles Call of Duty: Black Ops II and FIFA 2013 respectively and their booths were always busy. Other titles showcased included Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed III, Need for Speed, Just Dance 4, WWE 13 and many more from over 20 exhibitors – a feat impressive for our region. If that wasn’t enough, there was a lot of SWAG going around – including tshirts, posters, USB sticks and more – as well as competitions; the Microsoft sponsored Cosplay competition was held on Saturday with the top prize being an Xbox.

Even though I don’t game nearly as much as I’d like to (I do try to get my hands on my two favourite titles every year – Call of Duty and FIFA), I’m very glad to see the international manufacturers, producers, publishers and other key players from the gaming industry finally take notice of our region  A three-day dedicated event, pre-release hands on previews and headline sponsored contests are all proof that the local gaming audience is being given its due importance. And for its part, the audience has been more than welcoming; the turnout was the largest ever in the history of the event. It may be time for bigger and better next year.



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