Google releases turn by turn navigation on Android phones in the Middle East and North Africa

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. Google has finally enabled turn by turn navigation using Google Maps on Android phones in the UAE.  It was late last year that public transit information was made available on Google Maps, and you’ve also been able to get directions and map routes on Google maps for a while now. Now with voice assisted navigation, your Android phone becomes a full fledged GPS device.

In addition to navigating to search results in Google Maps, the dedicated Navigation app (which is likely to be pre-installed on your Android phone) lets you type in or ‘speak’ a destination. The engine powering Navigation is the same one that powers Google Now and all other things voice recognition on Android. Not only does it do an amazing job of recognizing what you’re saying, but the speech output is extremely natural too.

Navigation also lets you select a friend right from the app and navigate to their place – provided you or they have input their address.

It’s great to see Google show some love to the region.

 Update – The roll-out is actually for the entire Middle East and North Africa. Link to Press Release here



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Ideas for an intelligent MP3 player : Don’t expect it from Apple

Don’t you love it when you’re listening to your music – whether it’s in the car, when walking around, or on a run – and the perfect song comes on. I was at the Gym yesterday and twice the perfect song came on; Rabba (Techno Mix) from Musafir when I was on the treadmill. Perfect because it starts off slow for a slower pace on the treadmill and then builds up to a high BPM track ideal for running and building up your heart rate. Secondly, as soon as I stepped out of the gym, the Norwegian Recycling mashup 8 Become 1 came on which if you listen to is perfect to chill you out a bit, perfect for a walk back home in chilly weather.

This got me thinking what if we had mp3 players that would play and/or recommend music intelligently. Music could be played either from a defined playlist, the entire library or even online libraries. Maybe even from The track selection could be based on a variety of factors.

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