Can we give the MSI Wind ‘some’ competition? Please?

When Asus entered, nay, started the netbook market, the device didn’t have a named category to fall under. Mini laptop, UMPC, ultra portable were some of the names given to it. Hell even on this blog I’d tag posts posts as ultraportable until recently. It’s been about a year and the market is now saturated; much credit blame directed towards Asus. However there still lies a sense of disconnect between consumers and manufacturers. Why is it that most of them find it so difficult to produce a decent product which covers all bases.

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Dell Mini boasts impressive keyboard.

Gizmodo managed to get a sneak peek at Dell’s forthcoming into the UMPC market. Dell had earlier announced that they will be releasing a product sometime in the Summer to compete with the likes of HP and Asus. There is no word on the specifications, screen size or price, but one can certainly expect some information soon. Atleast with the red colour it’d be safe to say the ultraportable will be coming in a variety of colours too.

However what stood out the most is the unconventional key layout. The function keys have been totally let go and the Shift, Caps Lock and other keys have been dramatically reduced in size too in order to give enough width to the letter key which tend to be more frequently used. Another thing visible in the pictures is the lack of a bezel. While no information is given on the screen size either, my guess is it might hold a 10″ screen in a 8.9″ casing similar in size to the HP 2133. More pictures on Gizmodo while a HP vs Dell comparison has been posted below.

Link: Gizmodo Gallery

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HP Ultraportable revealed

Engadget has got it’s hands on the details of the upcoming HP Ultraportable. Not all details are known, but there is enough for you to start salivating. Screen size is pegged at a good 8.9″ with 1366×766 resolution, oh and it is also ‘scratch-resistant’. Among other details is optional SSD, ExpressCArd54 Slot, WLAN, integrated webcam weighing in at roughly 2.5 pounds. Comes in flavours of Vista or Linux.HP 2133

Oh and did I mention, an almost-full-sized keyboard (95%). That and the high screen res makes it a winner in my books. Screen real estate matters a lot to me, so to see a full sized display on a smaller screen is pure awesomeness! Obviously there isn’t any news yet of the processor and more importantly the Price. If HP is to do well in this market, it will have to be competitively priced with the eee PC

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