..and this is why I don’t do Cloud Computing.

The concept of cloud computing isn’t new new by any means. The idea of being able to view and process information / data regardless of what device we’re using, has been around for a while. However it’s only recently that innumerable services and startups have come up offering ‘solutions’ to these ‘problems’. But the recent downtime of Gmail serves as a stark reminder of how 100% availability simply cannot be expected of any online service. It doesn’t matter how grand the infrastructure is or how scalable the application is, it is the smallest of problems that bring down the biggest of setups.

I still insist on using Outlook for my email, calendar and contact needs. Most of the time when I need access to this information I am on or around my laptop so I have instant access to this data. In the off chance that I am not, I have my phone (Nokia E90) which syncs up with my desktop giving me the exact access (emails are only the recent ones). The situation is exactly the same with my RSS Feeds (Feeddemon) and Office Suite.

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Dell Global Mobility Event : Live Blogging

Dell is hosting an event titled ‘Freedom from Business as Usual’ and is was expected to announce their netbooks and possibly even a phone. That didn’t happen though. Dell is really pushing the concept of a ‘Digital Nomad‘ (their term, not mine). They claim to have achieved a 19 hour battery life for notebooks and this will be included in their newest (4th generation) Latitudes some of which will be available starting today on dell.com

Among other things the machines are expected to include Backlit keyboards, all day batteries, SSDs, Centrino2 processors, integrated webcam and microphone and even smart card security. Track lost notebook as well as remotely wipe data.

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HP Ultraportable revealed

Engadget has got it’s hands on the details of the upcoming HP Ultraportable. Not all details are known, but there is enough for you to start salivating. Screen size is pegged at a good 8.9″ with 1366×766 resolution, oh and it is also ‘scratch-resistant’. Among other details is optional SSD, ExpressCArd54 Slot, WLAN, integrated webcam weighing in at roughly 2.5 pounds. Comes in flavours of Vista or Linux.HP 2133

Oh and did I mention, an almost-full-sized keyboard (95%). That and the high screen res makes it a winner in my books. Screen real estate matters a lot to me, so to see a full sized display on a smaller screen is pure awesomeness! Obviously there isn’t any news yet of the processor and more importantly the Price. If HP is to do well in this market, it will have to be competitively priced with the eee PC


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Macbook Air processor mystery almost solved.

Anand at anandtech.com has given an explanation of the mystery that surrounds the processor being used in the new Macbook Air notebooks. I was certain that Apple wasn’t using the smaller, faster Penryn (Santa Rosa Refresh) processors Macbook Air CPUwhich come out this year and Anand confirms it. He goes on to tell that Apple is indeed using the existing Santa Rosa Merom processors running at Low Voltage, and here is the kicker, these aren’t the traditional LV (Low Voltage) processors provided by Intel. For those unfamiliar with Intel’s mobile processor technology, it comes in forms of Standard Mobile Processors, Low Voltage (LV) and Ultra Low Voltage (ULV). But instead Paul Otellini, CEO Intel and Jobs’ newest Lapdog has got his engineering team to produce the chips running at lower than Standard Mobile Processors in a package designed for the Penryn platform.

This is neither a good or a bad thing, but just shows Apple has managed to walk its own path here. The real concern here is of heat dispensing. Even at a lower voltage, the body of the laptop is really small and will require extensive engineering to remain cool over longer periods. Judging from Apple’s previous shortcomings, I wouldn’t really be surprised if more thighs are burnt. Gel packs anyone ?

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India Preparing 10$ Laptop

Times of India reports The Human Resource Development Ministry of India has received two designs for an ultra low cost laptop to be manufactured and used for schools in India. One of the designs have come from a final year engineering student at the Vellore Institute of Technology, the other being from a researcher at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Right now the costs come up to 47$ but the ministry expects the cost to decrease greatly since there is a demand of over 1 Million pieces.

Even though a working piece may not see the light of day for another two years, it is great to know that an initiative is in progress to harness the true power of the youth of India. Should India continue development at this rate, I guess the predictions of it being a political and economic super power by 2020 might be true after all.

[Source: Times of India]

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