Gaming is serious business at GAMES12

Aah to be young and in the middle of a bossfight again!


Step into GAMES12 and you would be forgiven for believing you’re in a world far more magical than one Walt Disney himself could ever create – well at least so if you had the slightest interest in video games. The largest video game festival in the region was held on the weekend gone by at DFC in Dubai, and has attracted crowds from all over the GCC. Jointly organized by Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation Division, Red Entertainment Distribution, and Pluto Games (collectively called Gaming Alliance Middle East – GAME. Geddit?) is in its 5th year running and has quickly become the highlight event for the gaming community.

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Toshiba about to give up on HD-DVD; atleast one war comes to an end.

Reuters is reporting that Toshiba will be giving up on it’s high definition format, HD-DVD soon. Halting production of all related equipment, the firm will be facing colossal losses, but the biggest thing it will lose it’s face to Sony, who has been the bluraystrongest backer of the rival format Blu-Ray.

This is actually great news for consumers who will finally be able to make a purchase into the High definition video playback world without having to worry about their devices becoming outdated too early. And for those worrying about the prices going higher because of ‘lack of competition’, you are forgetting that with a winner now, a lot of electronic manufacturers will start producing the devices essentially driving prices downwards. And the prices of media will drop soon too to increase adoption among consumers

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Sony announces wireless transfer technology: ‘TransferJet’

This is a little old (7th Jan) but pretty interesting nonetheless. Sony has announced that has developed a new ‘close proximity wireless transfer technology’ which will allow users to transfer large data between electronic devices at a theoretical maximum speed of 560Mbps, but effective transfer rate will be at 375Mbps. The most prominent feature is the ‘Touch & Get’ wherein you touch the two products and transfer of data will begin. We won’t find out till later if it actually works that easily but one thing is for certain; the technology isn’t intended to replace Bluetooth 3.0 or Wireless USB as it operates at a range of ‘within 3cm’

Veronica Belmont’s Demo at CES 2008:

The most interesting part of the story is really Sony’s continued insistence of doing things their own way by introducing and using their own standards. From BetaMax to UMD and from Memory Stick to now TransferJet, Sony has constantly kept itself at bay from the rest by not adopting Open Standards that ensure inter-compatibility.

Press Release:

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