Windows 7 to feature multitouch! Can I hear ‘Revolution’?

Steve ‘Sweaty’ Ballmer and Bill Gates showcased one of the major features of Windows 7. They use the Dell Latitude XT (which is already available in the market) to showcase the operating system which looked a lot like Surface, except (obviously on a smaller surface). The usage was quite fluid and refreshing and one can see this being useful in a variety of situations. This is brilliant work building on the already mature tablet PC platform perfected by Windows over XP and Vista. It’s interesting to note at this point Micorosft has been in the touch screen sector since 2000 with Windows Mobile and since 2002 with Windows XP Tablet Edition.

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

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What YOU can do with Windows!

Windows users often get a lot of flak from Apple fanboys about lack of the Operating systems’s ability to do shiny 3D UI stuff. However what most people (including Windows users) fail to understand is that Microsoft really wants the user to take control of the system and use it the way they want it. Which is why there exists such a vast 3rd party application library to do tasks from the most minute to the extremely complex ones. And the same applies to the UI aspect too; 3rd party applications give users an incredible amount of control so they can personalise anything from their wallpaper to the logon and boot screens.

I found these screenshots floating around on the internet with some claiming them to be that of Windows 7. But it doesn’t take a computer scientist to figure out the fake. However a lot of them are real interfaces built on 3rd party applications and they’re just what’s needed to prove my point. Windows is customisable to such an extent where you can completely change the look and feel of it beyond recognition. I’ll stop babbling right about here and let you have a look at them.

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Windows ‘7’

Here we have it. Microsoft told that the next version of its operating system (codename Windows 7) is expected to arrive in 3 years. We’re all aware of the delays Vista had to face during it’s production and the subsequent criticism the company received. And to top that , Vista didn’t do well numbers wise with Office 2007 being the saviour for Microsoft. Let’s hope Microsoft does better with the timings this time. Although despite many rumours, Microsoft hasn’t made any announcements about SP1 which many are looking forward to, much before the next version of Windows



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